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Ajman TV channel 4 went on air on February 1st 1996 (terrestrial channel uhf26) Banking and depending on the vast expertise and program productions (over 7000 hours of different television programs in (Arabic and English) and on the software resources and the complete audio and video facilities of AIS (Ajman independent studios).

To cope with the space age Ajman TV started it's satellite transmission on the 1st of February 1998.

Ajman TV entertains its audiences through exceptional programs for all those who would like to have an escape, and offer a new concept in entertainment through revolutionary programming for all those who look for extra ordinary fun. Ajman TV offers it's viewers a complete dose of programming for Arabic families and to please different types of viewers. Children, youth and adults by broadcasting children cartoons, varieties, quizzes, documentaries, dramas, Telenovilas and feature films.

For more information please visit www.ajmantv.com

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